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ali hammoud

Riyadh, Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia

Last updated: October 11, 2014


My art is about experiments with the medium pushing the boundaries of space, colour and subject matters to the extreme. Sometimes allowing little happy accidents to happen to discover new surfaces which is beyond my control and comprehension. After all isn't this what art is about? If I know exactly what I'm going to do then the fun part no longer exist.


Ali is a British artist born in Beirut. His early childhood evolved around drawing and painting from the age of 13 he was commissioned to paint portraits of politicians and high society figures. As a child he was noticed by his former teacher in school for his artistic talent. Few years later was offered a scholarship to an art school in Beirut. During the civil war in 1975, Ali took a chance to travel to England to make a new life and to escape the civil war. He managed with the help of friends and relatives to continue his study in the Uk, where he obtained a degree in art and design. England became his second home after marrying his sweetheart English girl from an Irish parents whom he met during his stay in college in Dunstable in 1976. He was constantly on the move with his family not been able to settle in one place because of his constant yearning for a better life. And the unsettled peace of his country. But he was always surrounded by love of his family.
And art was always his estimate hide out and escape from the reality. He is inspired by experiences and exploring the concept of cultural memories. He creates forms, colors and textures based on childhood experiences which reflect and refract the mythological, philosophical, and emotional worlds of which he grew up in.
Ali has created a new land where colors and water create new expressions of transitory lines.
Ali is a painter and a creative artist, sometimes he is showing both in his works on paper, water coloring and oil paintings.
In his recent works “Cages”, Ali stresses on the importance of freedom and the need to express oneself in all areas. The artist, canvas, and medium coexist to become one tool used to show reality or escapism.


1970-72 Centre of Fine Art, Beirut Lebanon
1976-80 Dunstable College of Art, Beds, England
2005-06 Academy of Art, USA (Online courses)


1994 Group show, International Art Exhibition, Sharjah
1988 Group show, The Arndale Centre, Luton, Beds
1988 Group show, The Howard Centre, Bedford
1987 Group show, Royal Academy Summer show, London
1987 Group show, Luton Museum, Beds
1987 Group show, The Walter Rothschild Museum, Tring, Bucks
1986 Group show, Royal Society of Portrait Painters Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London
1985 Group show, Abdullah Al Salem Hall, Kuwait
1984 Group show, International Art Center, Kuwait
1983 Group show, International Art Festival, Kuwait

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