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Eva Gloss

Lanzarote, Spain

Last updated: January 16, 2015


Eva Gloss

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Petrified Princess 1see more

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The Broody Little Hen 30 7 03Asee more

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Sing a song of Sixpencesee more

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SNOW DREAM 2see more

Sofasee more

EL NOTARIOsee more

Vicky and Morticiasee more

Lacemakersee more

Bridge too farsee more

Peeling the applessee more

Church in Playa Blancasee more

Another church in Lanzarptesee more

School designsee more

Blue Drivesee more

Sacred bonessee more

Birthday card for Dilyssee more

see more

Gardeningsee more

Rickysee more

Birthday card for Alansee more

PP Clocksee more

Borneosee more

Fisherman's hutsee more

Cat asleepsee more

Noel going to his officesee more

Inspired by David Hockneysee more

Mexico see more

LA Railway Stationsee more

Dancing buildingssee more

New Choumert Roadsee more

Antics Workshop Studiosee more

Tias Housesee more

New roof for Rickysee more

Antics Studio 2see more

Antics Hotelsee more

Knatchbull Road Sash Windowsee more

Knatchbull Road Entrance Hallsee more

Garden design by M.Koenigsee more

Animated Veluxsee more

Ricky-Prazak's Housesee more

Conchasee more

Staircase Rickysee more

Ricky axonometrysee more

Ricky planssee more

Ghana timber framessee more

Ghana buildngsee more

Christmas Cardsee more

Lightbulbsee more

Carnevalsee more

Carneval 1see more

Mapssee more

Ricky Stairs2see more

Green Pyramid Housesee more

Rymicesee more

Worldsee more

Famous Chairsee more

Botticelli Cow on Canvassee more

Freezing Owlsee more

Winter Scenesee more

Clownsee more

Blue Umbrellasee more

Doctorosee more

Flowerssee more

Amandasee more

Fat Catsee more

Bird Housesee more

Single birdsee more

2 birdssee more

3Daissee more

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