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Chiara Bignardi


Last updated: February 17, 2017


I was born in Copparo (Ferrara - Italy) in 1968, I studied as a civil engineer, I live and work in Italy and for years I’d been fond of abstract painting, photography and poetry. Contact:


For a long time I’d been accompanied by the writing and photography, from portraits to landscapes to architecture; I later discovered abstract painting as an expressive way to describe the most intimate and emotional human soul through color, as well as through the words.
Poetry and painting are inspired by each other, giving a body and a face inwards. So I find myself beyond the bustle of life, inspired by life itself, taken by the urgent desire to tell it. Through words and colors you can discover unexpected beauty of the soul, in all its nuances.
Painting is, therefore, characterized by the intensity and the presence of many colors, as well as looking material, obtained through acrylic spread not only with a brush and through the use, often, of other media.


“Naturali emozioni cromatiche” - June 2011 with the patronage of the municipality of Voghiera (FE), as a part of the event "Summer in Belriguardo".

“Naturali emozioni cromatiche 2012” – October 2012, Portomaggiore (FE)

“Poesia del colore” – July-September 2013, Voghiera (FE)

“Poesia del colore 1.1” – October 2013, at Auxing cultural center, Bondeno (FE)

“Policromia d’arti”, April-May 2014 at Concordia Theatre, Portomaggiore (FE)

"Della perfetta imperfezione (e altre circostanze)" June,13-August,30 2015, Voghiera (FE)

"Cercando vicinanze" - October 31-November 13, 2015


With the Art Association Concordia:
- Group exhibition for the opening of the new premises of the Association, January 2013
- Group exhibition dedicated to the International Women's Day, 2-28 February 2013
- Group exhibition dedicated to the opening of the fourth edition of the “Portuense Spring”, March 30-April 5, 2013
- Group exhibition from 6 to April 30, 2013
- Group exhibition at Portomaggiore town, 2013, September 13 to 16.
With Megaart Art Association:
- Group exhibition 3rd INTERNATIONAL PRIZE "CITTA’ DI CORCHIANO", December 2013- January 2014, Corchiano (VT)
- Group exhibition 4th INTERNATIONAL PRIZE "CITTA’ DI CORCHIANO", December 2014- January 2015, Corchiano (VT)
- Group exhibitions 3 1/2, parlARTI, multiculturARTE, InnamorARTI with Accademia dei Partenopei, Napoli, 2014-2015-2016
- Deconstruction at Marzia Frozen, Berlin - October 10-30, 2015
- Group exhibition 5th INTERNATIONAL PRIZE "CITTA’ DI CORCHIANO", December 2015- January 2016, Corchiano (VT)
- VirgiliOVO group exhibition with Accademia dei Partenopei @ Castel Dell'Ovo, Napoli - February 10-21, 2017


In February 2012 I published a book containing a series of paintings and poems closely related, titled “Ci vorrebbe il sole” ("There would be the sun").

In 2015 I published my second book: "Hai fatto di me diamante".


July 20, 2012 I attended an art performance during an evening of jazz, art and gastronomy, painting during the concert of the famous guitarist Jimmy Villotti and the saxophonist Valerio Pontrandolfo.
January, 2017, Voghiera (FE): extemporary painting and music with ACOUSTIC STRINGS DUO (Voice : Stefania Chiari, Guitar : Valentino Fuschini)

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