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Michael Kolesar

Mississauga, ON, Canada

Last updated: March 25, 2015


As a fine artist and craftsman, I create original artworks - objet d'art, paintings, sculptures, unique lamps, and tapestries.


I have been a creative artist most of my life, mixing both commercial design and fine arts. For me, commercial design is applied art; Fine Art is the pure exploration of the aesthetic. Commercially I create retail interiors and unique displays. As a fine artist and craftsman, I create original artworks paintings, and tapestries.


I studied art at the University of Ottawa in the 70's. I learned the practical side of art and design while working at the National Museums of Canada during the same years I was at University. Finally, the School of Hard Knocks has been an excellent teacher for the last 40 years!


Private Exhibitions, National Art Centre Salon, 1981, 1983


Ron Nelson, Ottawa, Canada
"The Beach", Pointillism, Ink Black & White, Triptych 72" x 32" 1981
"Flight into Majesty", Pointillism, Ink, Black & White, 33" x45" 1982
"The Wave", Graphite, Diptych, 72" x 45" 1983
"Winners Never Quit", Graphite, 30"" x 26",1982

Piero deBon, Ottawa, Canada
"Approaching Thunder", Graphite, 19" x 28", 1983

Robert Steklasa, Ottawa, Canada
"Apollo Triumphant", Graphite, Graphite, 31" x 56".1982

Nigel Harris, Ottawa, Canada
"Harris Family Portrait", Pointillism, Ink, Black & White, 32" x 24", 1983

Angela Walker, Ottawa, Canada
"Reflection", Portrait, Pointillism, Black & White, 25" x 25", 1982

Lana Farmery, Ottawa, Canada
"Hey Mom, Jenny Won't Smile", Portrait, Graphite, 36" x 28" 1981

Joachim Geffken, - Herbert Seitz KG, Bremen, Germany
"Success", Pointillism, Black & White w Colour, 27" x 11", 1984

Rick Fisher, Toronto, Canada
"Cardinal Assumption" Graphite, Coloured Pencil, 16" x 41", 1986

Ted Matthews, Toronto, Canada
"Cascade", Painted Steel Sculpture, Indoor-Outdoor, Approx 20' in length, 1991

Euroline Distributors, Oakville, Canada
"Backsplash", Acrylic Paint, Triptych, Three pieces each approx. 180"x 24", 2010

Euroline Distributors, Oakville, Canada
"Backsplash II", Acrylic Paint, Curved Panel, 60" x 60", 2014

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