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Deusa Blumke


Last updated: June 4, 2015


Born in Brazil and based in Singapore, artist Deusa Blumke is currently pursuing her Fine Arts Masters Degree by Lasalle College and graduated with BA Fine Arts from LASALLE College of the arts in 2012, Singapore, Blumke’s foray into art embraces exploration in ways that reflect her reflection of life’s surprises. Her artworks convey the impact of colours, material manipulation and expressive lines. Portraying a process through which she ‘listens’ to shapes and colours. Her artworks manifest a guided movement and flow of the brushstrokes from this technique. Making marks between layers of plexiglass, Deusa explores transparency, movement, gravity and time to achieve immediacy and richness in her paintings. She treats her paintings as energetic, live organisms, celebrating the energy and momentum of life.

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