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Yvonne Opalinski

Toronto, ON, Canada

Last updated: September 3, 2016


That art must be aesthetically compelling and at the same time conceptual drives Yvonne's artistic practice. In July, she graduated from Camberwell College, the University of the Arts London with distinction in a Masters of Art: Fine Art Digital. Yvonne continues to contextualize fragmented figurative art within a contemporary social commentary. In her work, figures represent an outward expression of the journey of individual empowerment. Institutions, societies and individuals formally and informally attempt to control the young, women and any perceived as weaker. The digital processes used to generate the art contain a random element out of artistic control, producing an intersection where man and machine collaborate. This is immensely appealing and emblematic of the role of technology in our times. The resultant linear fragmentation creates sculptural figurative results that challenge their own flatness and that of the surface on which they exist. A sense of time folding upon itself develops in each piece supported by discriminate gilding which explodes Deleuze's rhizome into reality. The works reference art's past while carrying forward both the concept of motion as mechanism for artistic exploration and as an invitation for investigation for the voyeur. Yvonne plans to continue her examination of motion as the conduit for artistic intention in pending doctoral studies.

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