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Hilary Boardley


Last updated: October 16, 2015


My practice is concerned with the performance of the absurd and the futile, exploring the relationship between action and object. Using the medium of the moving image, scenarios are created to underpin a sense of futility, portraying actions that seem strange and pointless, but which may be ‘recognised and acknowledged’ by the viewer.


The Work
In his essay of 1942, The Myth of Sisyphus, Albert Camus observed that absurdist art does not try to explain experience, but simply describes it.

Everyday materials from the real world become surreal vignettes in short digital films where the performance of actions may reveal pathos, futility, vulnerability, strength or fragility and where menace can be counterbalanced by humour. These constructed events may be disarming or intense, at times short and sharp, calculated or unexpected, destructive or playful.

The work seeks to present the viewer with a space that is 'experiential' in nature; a space that is between reality and imagination where disbelief can be suspended and the perception of ordinary materials can be transformed.

Recent Projects
Project Co-ordinator and exhibitor for 'Re-store' - a site responsive group project by 6plus2 Art Collective, which culminated in an exhibition in the historic Wellington Hangar at Brooklands Museum, Surrey, England prior to its planned dismantling, relocation and restoration.
Further work by the group will be exhibited during the coming year until renovation is complete.
To see a short film of the event please see


BA(Hons) First Class Fine Art, 2013
UCA Farnham, Surrey, England


2009 Art Liberating Lives, Mall Gallery, London
2010 Space Cadets, Blythe Gallery, London
2011 New Identities, open studio event, Surrey
2013 UCA Degree Show, Farnham, Surrey
2013 Have Inside, Embassy Tea Gallery, London
2013 You Can Tell Me, Factory-Art Gallery, Berlin
2013 Videonomad, Souterrain, La Marsa, Tunisia
2014 Re-store, Wellington Hangar, Brooklands Museum, Surrey
2014 pop-up exhibition Vickers Room, Brooklands Museum, Surrey
2015 Material Links, Winkworth, Weybridge


Brooklands Museum, Surrey

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