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Last updated: January 12, 2015


Press Release PR, Agora Gallery, New York 'Lizzy Forrester conducts an orchestra of resounding colours with each stroke of her brush. Her luminous and higly textured canvases relfect a deep admiration for the Impressioist painters, placing a strong emphasis on the interplay of light on surfaces. But, Forrester's impetus for painting lies much deeper than a simple desire to render the rays of light as they cascade upon a placid pond or field of poppies. In fact, like a stream of consciousness, poem or impromptu musical composition, Forrester's works serve as expressions of the artist's innermost thoughts and emotions. Her stunning landscape paintings resonate with a sense of calm and happiness, evidencing the artist's strongly influential spirituality. Her artwork serves primarily as a communicative tool, created by impulse and an inexplicable urge to paint, but also expresses the self-taught artist's innate understanding of colour theory and sophisticated eye for spatial arrangements.'

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