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Lynn Gibson

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Last updated: July 13, 2017


Abstract and organic art created using hot wax techniques.


Born in 1984 Lynn Gibson is an abstract and organic artist from Glasgow, Scotland. Working exclusively with hot wax techniques her work is inspired by the extremities of science and nature (which also fuels her fascination for all things “a bit strange”), from the infinitely small world of quantum mechanics to the inconceivably large world of supernova and black holes, her work helps her to explore and understand these seemingly incomprehensible subjects.

Architecture & Design are other key influences, for over 15 years she has been carving out a career in this field once working for one of the top practices in the country. It continues to be a never-ending source of inspiration for her.

She exhibits regularly in Scotland and beyond and her work has also been included in some of the country's biggest magazines including GQ, Vogue & Tatler.




2014 - Offset, Red Empire's Virtual Gallery
2016 - Art Pistol, Glasgow


2013 - Art Fusion Open Air Gallery, West End of Glasgow
2013 - BRAW, Offshore, West End of Glasgow
2013 - Show Us Your Arts, Veneer, Glasgow
2013 - Stand Up For Love, Mackintosh Lighthouse, Glasgow City Centre
2014 - Art Fusion Open Air Gallery, West End of Glasgow
2014 - Art Supper, Offshore, West End of Glasgow
2014 - SKETCH, Stereo, Glasgow
2014 - See.Me Digital Art Exhibition, New York
2015 - Art For Care, Glasgow Art Club, Glasgow
2015 - Quintessence, Offshore, West End of Glasgow
2015 - Nepal Fundraiser, SWG3, Glasgow
2015 - Art Now Exhibition, Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, London
2016 - Petite Pieces, Aspire Gallery, Brisbane, Australia
2016 - Regeneration, Aspire Gallery, Brisbane, Australia
2016 - Art For Care, Glasgow Art Club, Glasgow
2016 - Public Art, Street Art & Murals in Glasgow, Art Pistol Projects, Glasgow
2017 - SNAP17, Aspire Gallery, Brisbane, Australia
2017 - Imago Mundo Project, Worldwide Exhibition, Various Locations


2012 - 2013 - Virginia Gallery, Merchant City, Glasgow
2014 - Art Pistol, West End of Glasgow
2015 - Steamie Galleries, South Side of Glasgow
2015 - 2016 - 18 East Gallery, Isle Of Bute, Scotland
2016 - Present - Art Pistol, West End of Glasgow
2016 - Present - Than Mor Museum, Hungary
2016 - Present - Aspire Gallery, Brisbane, Australia
2017 - Present - Bute Gallery, Isle of Bute, Scotland


2015 - Through to the 2nd round of the Aesthetica Art Prize


2013 - 2017 - Various private commissions


2013 - 2015 - ROKU tv, artistic works from around the world
2013 - Artistic Blog, artist feature
2013 - Artpromotivate interview, spotlight on encaustic artist Lynn Gibson
2014 - GQ, September issue, 'Wonderwall' article
2014 - Glamour, October issue, 'A Glamours Abode' article
2014 - GQ magazine, Men Of The Year Issue
2014 - Vogue, November issue, Vogue's Gallery
2014 - ROCO Magazine, Winter issue, artist feature & interview (as seen below)
2015 - ROCO Magazine, Spring issue, full page
2015 - HT Art Magazine Yearbook
2016 - Tatler, March issue, 'Luxury Artwork' article
2016 - Wonderstreet, Artist Personal Interview (available at
2016 - The Discerner, March Issue


This is taken from an interview by ROCO magazine about Lynn and her art:-

ROCO - What was your driving force / background to pursue fine art?

LG - I've painted and drawn since I was a kid, it was one of the only things that came really naturally to me. Making art is like when you have something to say, you have to get those words from your head out into the world and you instantly feel better for it, only rather than speak you paint, it keeps you sane. So I’d say my driving force is my own sanity!

ROCO - How would you describe your art?

LG - “ ’Hippocampus' - the description of a sea horse (colour chameleon of the sea is difficult to describe in one word). Your work makes me want to skinny dip in kaleidoscopic waters with coral sea life” – that’s the best description I've ever heard about my artwork (it came from a liker on Facebook), it’s also been described as a “tropical parrot party”. That’s better than anything I can come up with.

ROCO - Where do you find inspiration?

LG - Nature and science are my main inspiration, anything which looks biological - like it’s been grown, especially when the materials used are not quite what you’d expect, it’s that juxtaposition I love. If you look at H.R. Giger, Zaha Hadid, Gehry - their work really encapsulates this I think. Also science completely fascinates me, it’s so strange yet real, I read ‘Everything That Can Happen Does Happen’ & ‘Why Does E=mc²’ and my brain is still spinning from it, there are things happening at an atomic level which my mind can’t even comprehend, which seem impossible - but it’s not. Plus anything just a bit strange - I love things that look out of place, perfect things freak me out – they look wrong.

ROCO - Which artist do you admire most and why?

LG - David Bowie, I have spent so many hours listening to his music, watching interviews, documentaries on him while painting, he turned Rock and Roll into art – plus he really is the coolest MF on the planet.

ROCO - When creating your paintings do you envisage a setting for them to hang?

LG - I don’t think I ever have, unless it’s for an exhibition and you know the space. When I'm painting it’s quick and I jump about from piece to piece and when I'm done with one I'm straight onto the next, I usually finish up for the day and then I’ll take time to sit and look through what I've done, but after that I'm always looking ahead. I do have my favourites though – which I can’t bring myself to sell, or others which I’ll give to friends and family so at least I know where they are, sounds crazy but selling your work can be hard because you know you’ll never see it again.

ROCO - Do you have a favourite / meaningful piece?

LG - One springs to mind more than any other, I was asked to create some artwork for an exhibition in aid of marriage equality in Scotland, which is something I'm very much for, it was at the Mackintosh Lighthouse in the city centre of Glasgow and I was so so excited because it’s such a high profile place and it was a real privilege to be involved. It’s a hot wax painting called ‘Stand’ and it’s one which I don’t think I’ll ever sell, though I have released it as a limited edition print, but that was to celebrate it being included in GQ magazine, which again is another reason it means a lot to me. Maybe I’ll get it tattooed on me at some point.

ROCO - What has been your most challenging piece?

LG - The most challenging paintings are the ones which come with a brief, if someone asks you to paint for them but they want certain colours, they like this but not that– I very rarely do that kind of work, but it can work to your advantage because you’re doing something you wouldn't necessarily do yourself.

ROCO - What does the future hold for you?

LG - I've been working with hot wax for nearly 5 years now (though I first came across it at college way back in 2000). The wax looks almost 3D on a flat surface it makes me want to take it the whole way and create an proper sculpture of it, digital art is something I delve into now and again – so maybe I’ll go down that road for a while, until I go full circle and I'm back to painting still life with oil paints again. In the near future I have some more magazines coming up and I've entered a few competitions so I've got my fingers and toes crossed for that. I’ll just keep going until people stop asking me for stuff and get sick of me.

ROCO - Anything else you wish to mention?

LG - Just to ask people to buy from or even just support your local artists / photographers / independent retailers, it means so much more to us and brightens up our day – and you get something genuinely unique (that word gets thrown about way too much but in this case it’s true) which has had real passion put into it.

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