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Marika Ricchi

Reggio Emilia, RE, Italia

Last updated: April 26, 2017



The artist performs both aesthetic and conceptual research, which fascinates the materials and their characteristics to embody a multitude of reflections on the main themes of contemporaneity.
The works, which bring together materials of great artistic tradition such as marble to humble and common elements, move from the artist's biographical bag to a universal dimension in which the observer can identify his own personal key reading. The creative process is played on the careful analysis of the relationship between colors, weights and different suggestions, which allows the artist to realize works of great formal equilibrium and poetic scope.
The main foundations of his research are, for example, the study and manipulation of the body, in the dual sense of presence and absence, both physical and ideal. Feet, ears, and mouths touching, trampling, and listening, as frontier elements that allow us to explore, as well as to defend ourselves, from the universe that surrounds us.


Marika Ricchi started her art education studing sculpture at the Academy of fine art in Bologna (Italy), where she graduated for the first time
Afterwards she also graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino.
During this period she won a scolarship for studing at the Art Students League in New York and the Newington Cropsey Foundation in Hastings on Hudson.


- 2016 "A Comfortable Bed", Studio Toselli, Bologna (BO), edited by Michelangelo Galliani,
  -2014 "Without Title 2014", video installation, Academy of Fine Arts of Urbino (PU), curated by Dario Picariello and Miriam Pascale.


- Genuary 2017, "People", cured by Ilaria Dall' Olio", modena.
- November 2016, shows "Olympic Rome. Past and Future ", Italian National Olympic Academy, Rome ;
- from 25 June to 16 July 2016, shows "Combat Award", Civic Museum G. Fattori and Old Fortress, Livorno;
- from June 3 to July 3, "gARTen" is an exhibition of open-air arts, Reggio Emilia;
- from May 28 to June 12, 2016, collective exhibition "New Flights", Modena;
- from 24 October to 22 November 2015, collective exhibition for the "Catel 2015 Award", Scuderie Aldobrandini, Frascati,Rome;
- from 11 July to 30 September 2015, collective exhibition "Nutrimentum", Borbonica Fortress, Civitella del Tronto (TE);
- 30 May 2015, collective exhibition for the "International Sculpture Prize Edgardo Mannucci, 22nd edition", San Francesco Cultural Center, Arcevia (AN);
- from May 13 to June 14, 2015, collective exhibition "Nutrimentum", Date, Orto dell'Abbondanza, Urbino (PU);
- from April 24, 2015, collective exhibition "Biennial of Sculpture in Earth, Water and Air, Piazzola sul Brenta, (Vicenza);

- from 18 April to 10 May 2015, collective exhibition "Man and Spirituality", Villa Necchi, Gambolò (Pavia);
- August 2014, collective exhibition "Limo, Land Art al Furlo", V edition;
- collective exhibition "CENTRO T.A.M., sculpture, jewelery, design, 1991- 2013", on the occasion of the 2nd edition of "Novilara, the Borgo dell 'Arte", Novilara;
- May / July 2014, collective exhibition at the International Sculpture Prize Edgardo Mannucci, 21st edition, San Francesco Cultural Center, Arcevia (AN);
- May / June 2014, collective exhibition of the participants of the Biennale d'Arte Creativa, Ex Church of San Salvatore, Museum of the Faces of Santa Rosa, Viterbo;
- February 2014, a collective exhibition at the 5th edition of "Arte e Sport", promoted by the Italian National Olympic Academy and the Giulio Onesti Foundation at Foro Italico, Rome.


- December 2016, awarded at the National Art and Sports Contest at the Italian National Olympic Academy in Rome;
- October 2016, semifinalist competition "Art Prize" Cairo Editori, Milan;
- from 25th to 31st July 2016, Symposium-Artistic Residency of Sculpture on sandstone "Sculpting in Piazza, art of sandstone sculpture", 17th Edition - Sant'Ippolito (PU);
- June 2016, "Combat Prize" prize at the Civic Museum G. Fattori and Fortezza Vecchia, Livorno;
-October 2015, Finalist for the Catel 2015 Prize, Sculpture Biennale, "The Essence of Form" at the Aldobrandini Scuderie, Frascati (RO);
- May 2015, second prize winner of the International Sculpture Award by Edgardo Mannucci, 22nd edition, San Francesco Cultural Center, Arcevia (AN)

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