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Peter Schudde


Last updated: June 14, 2017


E-Waste-Art : Peter Schudde recycles electronical waste into illuminated artworks and designproducs. Thus he wants to make a statement against the world wide mass consumption culture and the devastating environmental issues of recycling E-waste in country's like Ghana and China


Peter Schudde (Netherlands Winschoten, 1973) makes images from materials he finds on the waste heaps of our society. For example, industrial waste and automobile parts become religious objects in the form of totem poles; like tribes from the post-nuclear age,forgotten its former function.

In late 2007, I began experimenting with circuit boards.

The small complex labyrinths fascinated me greatly; as if you look down from far out in space on our urbanized, industrialized world.
Thus arose the so-called circuit board sculptures: Geometric light objects made ​​of metal and circuit boards with a metaphysical character.

The influence of Western civilization on our relationship with nature through science and technology is an important theme in my work


Self-educated :
2002-2007 Various courses and individual coaching s a.o. “Art and internationalism” at Cultuur&Ondernemen Amsterdam
1997-1998 Organic Agriculture Kraaybeekerhof institute Driebergen

Peter's artistic roots are founded in the underground subculture of the early 90's, where he developed his enormous do-it-yourself mentality. Instead of going the the local arts- academy he chose his own path of trial and error. This resulted in a wide range of experiments, from living off the grid, producing his own food and practising zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance to welding in the docks and organizing film and theatre events. From the beginning of the 00's he focuses more and more on his own artistic qualities involving photography and sculpture. Together with some local art students they started to make their own exhibitions in empty buildings and experimented with performance and film. Soon after he and his group visions-of-the-north made huge
installations with theater-performance connecting ancient rituals to industrial scenes.
This eventually led to the making of a short film : Motum, where a reborn agricultural machine from the industrial revolution meets the one of the gigantic factory's of the chemical industries of Delfzijl.
Nowadays Peter tries to concentrate on sculpture and installation.
Peter works and lives in Tjuchem, a small town under the smoke of the chemical industries of Delfzijl a region in the north of Holland where the exploration of gas causes serious earthquakes.


2015 ARTZNSTD2015 private space at the Zaandam art fair
2013 Groningen Seaports Office Delfzijl
2011 Tax Office Amsterdam Z.O. Amsterdam


2016 Premio Arte Roma (IT)
2016 RossoCinabro Galery Rome (IT)
2016 A in wonderland in Noorderstation Groningen
2016 A in wonderland in Exbunker Utrecht
2015 A in wonderland in Heveskes empty church in industrialzone Delfzijl
2015 "Zientuigen" experience exhibition of the SynapsZ collective Bergen op Zoom
2015 Art Keukenhof 2015
2014 Factory Art The Berlin Project Berlin (De)
2014 Summerexpo "Light" Gemeentemuseum Den Haag
2013 'A in wonderland' expomill ADAM Delfzijl
2013 Summerexpo "Earth" Gemeentemuseum Den Haag
2013 Foire Médiévale de Souvigny Souvigny (Fr)
2013 Art Assen artfair Assen
2012 Th3 H3V3SK3S PROJ3CT Empty church in industrialzone Delfzijl


RossoCinabro Galery Rome (IT)


Peters work is in private collections in the Netherlands and Spain

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