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Wolfgang Sandt

München, Germany

Last updated: April 26, 2015


Mostly friendly ecologically sensitive sculptor and tango dancer


Wolfgang Sandt, German artist with a love for Italy, works mainly with stone but also with wood and several other materials, integrating also objéts trouvées in his sculptures. His works are as well representational as non-figurative.

For many years he has been occupying himself with the theme of fragility, questioning the importance of seemingly unchanging values and realities. One result of this research are hisfragile stelae, long, slender, elegant and always on the rim of breaking : The artist always has to go to the extremes.

Wolfgang Sandt is fascinated by the contrast of the weight of the material (stone) and the lightness of the form. He is aiming for the connection between sky and earth.

Another contrast in his work emerges from the solidity of stone and the impalbability of light. Wolfgang Sandt succeeds in working the stone so delicately that it becomes translucent, thus literally creating lightstones.

In his recent works he created a cycle of stone houses. Yet what kind of houses are these?
Houses on wheels, mobile homes, ready to leave their position at any time. Heading for an unknown destiny. Houses with points of fracture and in all kinds of precarious situations. And once again the seemingly secure is put to question, sometimes not without a wink of the eye.

Corrado Attili MA
March 2002

(Translation Dr. A. Greifenhagen)


1979 - 1981 Art School, Munich
1982 - 1985 Apprenticeship as stonemason and stonesculptor
1985 – 1993 Collaboration with several sculptors for works in public spaces and churches in Germany
1989 Stay for art studies in Pietrasanta, Italy
1987 – 2001 Creation and political struggle for the erection of a memorial for the concentration camp site of Dachau outpost at Ottobrunn
1993 - 1995 Masterschool for stonemasons and stonesculptors, Munich, finishing with masters diploma


1997 Town hall Hohenbrunn, Germany
2002 „Incontri,“ Centro Socioculturale San Francesco, Perugia, Italy
2003 Kunstverein Ottobrunn, Ottobrunn, Germany
2010 “Visioni”, Gaia Gallery, Marsciano-Papiano, Italy
2010 "Giardino delle Poesie", Villa Aganoor Pompilj, Monte del Lago, Italy
2011 “Sculture Nuove”, Villa La Rogaia, Passignano s.T., Italy
2015 Spazio Esposotivo, S. Maria Misericordia, Perugia, Italy


1993 Symposium „Nantopietra“, Ponte di Nanto, Italy (special mentioning of the jury)
1993 „Sculptura –Art in public space“, Kevelaer, Germany
Since 1995 regular participation at the exhibitions of the art association Ottobrunn, Munich, Germany
2003 K03 Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany
2004 K04 „hautnah“, Haus der Kunst, Munich , Germany
2005 PK05 „denkmalfarbig“, Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany
2005 Art in public space, „Steinzeit“, Immenstadt, Germany
2005 Kunsthalle Arnstadt, Thüringen, Germany
2006 K06 „siehmalan“, Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany
2006 Kunstverein Ottobrunn, at Chateâux La Napoule, France
2007 „Neuer Kunstsalon“, Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany
2007 “Freie Münchner und Deutsche Künstlerschaft at the monastery of Benediktbeuern, Germany
2007„Italian Art Club Gallery“
2008 Landesgartenschau Neu Ulm, Art in public space
2009 Symposium „Remake“, Kunstverein Ottobrunn , Ottobrunn, Germany
2010 „Remake“, Kunstverein Ottobrunn, Ottobrunn, Germany
2010 “Percezioni mondi secreti”, Associazione Alkaest, Palazzo Bufalini, Citta di Castello, Italy
2011 „Neuer Kunstsalon“, Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany
2012 „Neuer Kunstsalon“, Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany
2013 Museo della Pesca, San Feliciano, Italy
2014 ARTiges, Art Biennale, Kunstverein Ottobrunn , Ottobrunn, Germany
2014, "Licht und Schatten", Museum für Ägyptische Kunst, München
2015 Art Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria


Dr. Annette Greifenhagen,
Corrado Attili, MA,
Julia Wegat,
Pino Bonanno


Giardino delle Poesie - Garden of Poetry - Garten der Poesie, Artbook about the exhibition in the garden of Villa Aganoor Pompiljj, Monte del Lago, Umbria, Italy


Memorial for the concentration camp "Außenlager" at Ottobrunn
Creation of the Janus Prize for the Bavarian Statal Archives
Several commissions for private collectors




Sculptures in public space in Ottobrunn and Haar (near Munich)

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