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Alper T. Ince

İstanbul, Türkiye

Last updated: April 15, 2015


Alper T.İnce looks changing mentality of the ages to create surrounding impact with becoming memories estranged and focus on an artistic production that explored the effects of globalization, immigration and exile, cross cultural image circulation and anonymous production through travel, personal histories and archives. His cross‐referential work, consisting of photo‐installations, oil on canvas with silk screen , videos, objects… Being a contemporary, modern artist is appearing as a non deniable or easy fact. Production, re-production, presentation, freedom of speech and ease of consumption. So what he is to do about the link between (local but foreign) civilizations that make up our cultural heritage, his customs and traditions,his own culture? Should he stick with easy, shallow imitation as or aspire for a higher level of challenge?

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