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Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan

Last updated: November 10, 2014


AUJIK is a contemporary artist based in Kyoto, Japan who mainly working with CGI-video, photos, installations, clothes, music and paintings. Concept of the work is how Strong AI/AGI(Artificial General Intelligence)transcends with the human mind and vice verse. AUJIK is constructed as an esoteric group who believes in animism and worships nature.


AUJIK are an contemporary artist mainly working with CGI-video, photos, installations, clothes, music and paintings.
Concept of the work is how Strong AI/AGI(Artificial General Intelligence)transcends with the human mind and vice verse.
AUJIK is constructed as an esoteric group who believes in animism and worships nature.
They divide nature in to:

artificial intelligence
nano technology
dna manipulation
augemented reality
body enhancements
carbon nano tubes
synthetic photosynthesis


AUJIK been featured at events such as Prix Ars Electronica 2011(honorary mention award: computer animation/vfx/film), Ars Electronica animation festival 2011, OnedotZero 2010&2011, Japan Media Arts Festival 2010, STRP festival, CMoDA Creative future exhibition Beijing 2012, Computer Space, SIGGRAPH Asia Singapore. Biwako Biennale. Japan 2012. Nordic Outbreak by the Streaming Museum. New York City 2013 . FILE 2013 FIESP Cultural Centre, Sao Paulo, Brazil + Nordic Outbreak Nordic Tour Fall 2013.


Umea Academy of Fine Art. Sweden. MFA.


2001. QNQ.STR. Galleri 60. Umea
2007. 3 AUJIK videos. Osaka contemporary art center. Osaka. Japan.
2009. MOLOCH. Dohjidai Gallery. Kyoto. Japan
2011. 9 - 21 May. AUJIK - Cathexis. Art Space Kimura Gallery. Tokyo. Japan.


Group Exhibitions, Film, video and new media arts Festivals.

*DIS Magazine. Premiere of the video 'Plasticity Unfolding'
*SIMULTAN. Video art festival.
Timisoara. Romania. 8-11 Oct.
*CYBERFEST. "the other home"
Berlin, Tokyo, St. Petersburg and New York City.
*SL-video konst. Skanstullls T-station. Stockholm, Sweden.
Distributed by Filmform.
Oct-Feb 2015
*Prix Ars Electronica 2014. "Best of selection".
Computer Animation / Film / VFX at Ars Electronica Animation Festival /Electronic Theatre. September, 4th–8th 2014, Linz, Austria.
*FILE 2014. 25 Aug - 5 Oct. Sao Paulo. Brazil.
*Biwako Biennale 2014. 13 Sept - 09 Nov. Omihachiman, Japan
* Press realese for Biwako Biennale 2014. 25 July.
Konno hachimangu shrine. Shibuya, Tokyo. Japan.
*Frankfurter Kunstverein. 'Death is your body' Group exhibition. 01 May - 06 July. 2014.Frankfurt am main. Germany
Curated by Lilian Engelmann.
Featuring: AUJIK (SE/JP)
Berlinde De Bruyckere (BE)
Tudi Deligne (FR)
Omer Fast (IL)
Gosbert Gottmann (DE)
Kaia Hugin (NO)
Hannah Hurtzig (DE)
Teresa Margolles (MX)
Alexandra Meyer (CH)
Jana Müller (DE)
Wangechi Mutu (US/KE)
Thomas Rentmeister (DE)
Taryn Simon (US)
Raman Zaya (IR/DE)
*Karo - Kunst in der Kasteienstra ße, Essen, Germany. 28 May - 6 June.
Group exhuibition featuring: AUJIK, Dominik Jais, Renate Schütz, schaltWerk, Bianca Wickinghoff
*Contemporary Art Ruhr. Essen, Germany. 30 May - 1 June.
at the Zollverein world heritage site.
curated by Julia Murakami and André Werner.
*Penetrating Surfaces - curated by Robert Seidel.
Austria Film Museum, Vienna. 24-25 May.
*the Japan-Day in Duesseldorf, 17 May 2014, Duesseldorf Film Museum, Germany.
curated by Julia Murakami and André Werner.
*Madefestivalen. 7-10 May. Vita Kuben. Norrlandsoperan. Umeå. Sweden.
Curated by David Moss, Helena Wikström and Elin Hellrön.
*Premiere of the video 'Impermanence Trajectory: stained seed' by Dazed & Confused magazine:

*Art Walk in Essen, Germany 30th Nov. with German artist Dominik Jais
*Art & Nature. Global Art & Moving Image Awards. CologneOFF 2013 Greece V. 3 dec. 19 Jan 2014. @ Florina School of Fine Arts:
*SIMULTAN 2013 'Popular unknown'. media art and artistic experiment. 10-12 oct. 2013 Timisoara, Romania.
*CologneOFF 2013 Greece IV
9th Cologne International Videoart Festival
@ 2nd Ionian International Digital Film Festival
9-12 October 2013 – Lefkas/Greece
*Reykjavik Art Museum. the Nordic Outbreak program by the Streaming Museum.
25-27 Oct.
*CologneOFF 2013 Lithuania
A Virtual Memorial Vilnius 2013
@ JCIC Vilnius & Kedainiai Regional Museum
23 September – 29 October 2013
*GLAMY AWARDS 2, the 2nd travelling screening program
"art & nature" by Global Art & Moving Images Awards -
*STRATA Foundation Pinsiö/Finland. 24 Aug. Presented by CologneOFF, Art & Nature. Global Art & Moving Images Awards:
*Screengrab 2013. First price award to the video 'Impermanence Trajectory: the limbic nest' . New Media Arts Award at James Cook University, Townsville, Australia.
26 July - 14 August.
Screengrab 2013
* Rabiscuits. Video art & Animation. Alcobaca, Portugal. 2 August.
*FILE Media Art
FILE 2013 - Electronic Language International Festival
July 22-September 02, 2013, FIESP Cultural Centre, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
(Cathexis, a Forest within a Forest & 9 states of ambivalence)
*Konstkraft. sommarsalong(group exhibition)Ljusne, Sweden 29 June - 10 Aug.
*ISEA 2013: 19th International Symposium on Electronic Art. 8-28 June. Sydney Australia. Nordic Outbreak by the Steaming Museum.
*The video community: screening tour at Gallery's in Poland.
ca 20 art galleries and art centres in Poland.
*The 9th International Festival of Digital Arts & New Media, Athens Video Art Festival. 7th – 9th June at the Historical Centre of Athens.
*Contemporary Art Ruhr at the the Zollverein world heritage site by the Directors Lounge.
Essen, Germany 31 May - 2 June.
*Kristianstads konsthall, Sverige. May 23. presented by Filmform.
*Japan-Day at the Düsseldorf Filmmuseum, May 25. presented by Directors Lounge.
*Group Exhibition: Nordic Outbreak, New York City.
March 31 through April 30.
Full version of Cathexis at Big Screen Plaza 2-5 April.
At Scandinavia House - the Nordic Center in America 5-25 April.
Presented by Streaming Museum, curated and produced by Tanya Toft and Nina Colosi,
*Lightworks video art festival.
*Cyberfest "at heavens door". St: Petersburg. Russia. 23-28 Nov.
*Digital Art Festival Taipei. Taiwan. "artificial nature" screening. 16-25 Nov.
*SIGGRAPH Asia. Conferance and exhibition. Singapore 28 Nov- 1 Dec.
For complete list please see:


Prix Ars Electronica. 2011. (computer animation, film, vfx) Honorary mention award. Linz, Austria.
Japan Media Arts Festival 2011. Jury recommended work, video art/computer animation. Tokyo, Japan.
Screen Grab, New Media Arts Award. First Price Award. James Cook's University. Townsville. Australia.


Space Shower TV. Japanese Music TV Station. Station ID. 90 seconds video. 2011.

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