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Roberto Borra

Torino, Italia

Last updated: March 22, 2017


Roberto Borra è direttore responsabile della Rivista 20 e curatore di mostre di Arte Contemporanea . Come artista ha partecipato a eventi quali: ”Photosalon” Biennale Internazionale di fotografia,Torino"Madre Italy",London, Torino, Salento Silente” Castello Gallone di Nociglia, Lecce ,”Expò di Arte e Fotografia”, Berlino,”Atrium”, Torino, "Dramatic Personae



Roberto Borra was born in Turin in May 1961. Early in his childhood, he displayed a visceral love for drawing and photography. Aldo, his father, gave him an old 1928 Kodak bellows camera he had purchased at Porta Palazzo market in Turin and it is here that his idyll with photography begins. His existence takes place between the streets of the city of Turin and the wooded trails of Condove, a village in Susa Valley, where the other greatest love of his life reveals - that for nature. The temptations for visual arts pervade him so much that he decides to transform his teenager passion for the art of photography into a full scale profession. He devotes his spare time to steal the secrets of visual arts and photographic techniques working with professional photographers and attending classes in figurative art, photography and printmaking. In 1985 he starts working as a professional as quality control manager at the professional photo lab where he is one of the partners. Here he deals with fine art photography and advertising. His artistic vein does not go unnoticed and prestigious sponsors and publishing houses start commissioning him photoshoots of artistic and editorial character that take him around the world. After several collaborations with Italian and international publishers and magazines, in 1996 he enrolls in the Journalists Association as a Publicist. For some years he reports from Northern Italy and Switzerland for the newspaper "La Stampa" and in 2007, he curates, carries out and publishes the photobook "Valle di Susa - appunti di viaggio" with Neos Edizioni. In 2010 he is the author of an art calendar published by Lem Art Group that acquires worldwide publishing rights and sales. Over time Guided by the visual commixture with pictorial art, his artistic research finds, over time, space for exhibitions, events and shows on different scale such as: "Photosalon" at the International Biennial of photography, Turin, an exhibition at Ariele Gallery, Turin, "Salento Silente" at Castello Gallone, Nociglia, Lecce, "Expò di Arte e Fotografia", in Berlin, opening of ̎Porta d’Italia ̎, Susa, exhibition at Atrium, Turin, "Dramatic Personae" at Palazzo della Racchetta, Ferrara, curated by Zamenhof Art, "Esposizione Artistica Italiana" at Museo di Scienze Naturali in Turin, "L'eau et l'art", Paris, and the upcoming "Il volto e la figura nell’arte italiana contemporanea" at 20 Gallery in Turin with a catalogue published by Giorgio Mondadori. Roberto Borra is currently artist and curator at Ariele Cultural Centre and 20 Gallery in Turin, owner and Art Director of the artistic and publishing centre "Art Gallery". He moreover has the role of managing director of the art magazine "Rivista 20" published by the Ariele Cultural Centre and Indipendent Curator of cONTEMPORARevents.


Openings on the riddle.

"O fret not after knowledge - I have none,
And yet the Evening listens. He who saddens
At thought of idleness cannot be idle,
And he's awake who thinks himself asleep."
(John Keats)

The pictorially dreamy fine art photographs by Roberto Borra are open references on contemporary man's recesses, following the footsteps of his steep lyrical travels, in a sort of fascinating and disquieting beauty.
They chromatically refer to wood, to woodland mildew, to stone; they quote the roughness of nature. Among contrasts of light and shade whitish flares flash amidst an ensemble of colours tending to informel.
The framework of the composition is given by a balance that exceeds the still shot of the eye and that becomes dynamic thanks to a visionary power which seems, for a little time, as if it were lost in the space of memory.
His poetics allows multiple keys of reading as the sign of a peculiar vital post-metaphysical tension.
Giovanna Arancio - Art Critic

He is an artist who loves to enter into symbiosis with elements of nature and landscape in order to subsequently give space to their mysterious secrets through the art of photography sometimes merged with the pictorial element. An art, this own, which is fraught with powerful dreamlike visions and intense symbolic references.
Pompea Vergaro - Art Critic

Roberto Borra is a visionary artist who knows how to give voice to the inspirational genius that pervades himself and that dictates his lyrical and dazzling inner perspectives. In his works, the nature he loves - and from which he is loved, enlightens with springing visions where geology, wildness and humanity combine in an amazing way, almost to indicate us with vigour that the blood of man, that of bark and that of the animal, are basically passing fluids which are part of the same heart that has to be preserved, that of Mother Earth.
Engineer Gianfranco Salotti - Philosopher and Researcher

Roberto Borra
Contact: e-mail:
mobile telephone:+39- 347.5850623



Torino.Biennale Internazionale di Fotografia
Torino,Molinette Hospital
Axtra Digital Art Turin
Sicof of Milano.
Museo Scienze Naturali.Torino.
Rossini Art Space Turin
Torino - Gallery "La Conchiglia"
Marina di Pietrasanta(Lu)
Medievale Casa degli affreschi.Novalesa(To)
Museo Prè di Commenda(MuMa)-Genova


Bielsko Biala(PL)


Galleria Ariele (Torino)
Palazzo della Racchetta (Ferrara)
Galleria 20 (Torino)
Castello Gallone di Nociglia (Lecce)
Axtra Digital Art (Torino)
Galleria La Conchiglia (Torino)
Rossini Art Space (Torino)
Art Gallery "The Tabernacle" (London)
Galleria Sorrenti-Novara
Malagnini Arte-Saronno


La Stampa
La Repubblica
2011 "SalentoSilente".L'arte sosta in luoghi storici-L'Officina delle parole
2012 Archivio Alinari-Il Sole 24 Ore
2013 Magazine"Effetto Arte"
2013 Catalogo"Effetto Arte"
2013 Catalogo "Il volto e la figura nell'Arte Italiana Contemporanea"-Editoriale Mondadori
2013 Catalogo "Natura Interiore".Opere dal 2011 al 2013 edit by Galleria Ariele
2014 Catalogo "Nuove Realtà Contemporanee"-Fiera d'arte moderna e contemporanea di Carrara
2015 Catalogo"Gesto,Forma,Colore".Galleria Sorrenti-Novara
2015 Catalogo Expo 10055-Torino
2015 Catalogo Gemellaggio Cefalù-Pietrasanta




author:"Valle di Susa.Appunti di viaggio" - Neos Edizioni
Dolomites-Verlag Edition
365 giorni in Valle di Susa-Susalibri
Catalogo firmato per Lem Art Group-distribuzione mondiale
L'Italia delle Regioni-Pubblicazione Collezioni Alinari Firenze

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