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Chrys Roboras

Athens, Kentrikos Tomeas Athinon, Attica, Greece

Last updated: August 22, 2014


From the very first time I touched paint, I knew that I wanted to do something in my life with it. It was an uphill battle, to be able to conquer it! Experimented, cried, laughed and eventually got to the point where I was able to paint on canvas images that moved me. That penetrated deep into onlookers soul's and touch them. Images that many have said "I can't get your paintings out of my head." This is what I wanted to achieve and even though at times I feel I do, other times I feel that the battle is still uphill. For the last 6years I have painted the following concepts: It has been a journey from my first series "No Man's Land" to "In Man's Land". My first series 'No Man's Land' is about being in between two countries; Australia and Greece. In Australia, I am Greek, in Greece I am Australian. For most of my life, I have known two countries. However, I spent the majority of it in Australia. Born and raised in Australia by immigrant parents, I could not help to have the feeling of not belonging embedded in my subconscious. It may have been my father's words that “one day we would return to Greece”, to his country, his fatherland that evoked feelings of displacement. Something that i will never seem to get over. This emotion is something that I carried and carry with me for a very long time and represented in the body of paintings; 'No Man's Land'. It is also important to be able to recognize the natural need of a human being to find a place to belong to, a place where there is no emotion of "No Man's Land". Three years later and evolved, 'In Man's Land' took over. This series does not have nomadic people. My figures are yes, at times wandering but have adapted to their surrounding environment and have a less turmoil reaction to their environment. This journey of paintings has settled within myself the upsets of identity, belonging and acceptance. The figures are larger and dominant. They no longer hide, or chose not to be seen front on. The figures are proud standing tall. The environment and it's landscapes can be dominating but now they seem less intimidating. You can still carry with you the thought of displacement and the emotion of 'No Man's Land,' but 'In Man's Land' has no insecurities of contemplation and doubt, they have softened into having destination and a path to follow. 'In Man's Land' stands stronger and determined to belong no matter where you may be in your life. Taking time, looking down at all I see, open your eyes to a place where we all can belong to no matter... And now I have come to Parallel, my two worlds have met, collided and insist to co-exist, 2 countries, 2 homes together.

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