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Last updated: September 15, 2014


ART is a way to connect and disconnect with the whole world. There is a way to reach out to people by expressing my real self and be real me, which is to make ART. I can be 100% honest to myself and to others; I can show how I feel without too much of elaboration; I can decide and control in my own world. Sometimes words and speeches get in the way. Art helps me to meditate and observe. ART is no longer a “want-to-do”, but a “got-to-do” in life. I need them to support my own existence. It is to say, “My work has defined me”. There is no need for me to speak up, to shout and to scream out loud. ART shows me a way out in life, and it follows me everywhere I go. My work has given me a passport to my own world and to reach out others’ world.

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