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Last updated: October 17, 2014


Artist Marijan Molnar, born 1951, 1976. graduated from Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb. He has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions and also performed art actions, happenings and performances.

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waiting for an exhibition-installationsee more

Reka-Zagreb: two streets, two destinie, 2002. see more

Rests, 2001see more

Between the wood and Flour, 2001 see more

Witnesses, 2000 see more

Book of Debts, 2001 see more

Summoning names, 1995 see more

The artist in retrospective, 1980 see more

My Face, my hand, 1979 see more

Subject-object relation in the painting process, 1979 see more

Passage/Ad acta, 2000. see more

Passage/Ad acta, 2000 see more

Family Passion,1999 see more

Travel to Reka, 2000.see more

Lines on the streets of Rijeka, 1979. see more

The Sum, 1997 see more

TM-amhience,1997 see more

The Jacob's Ladder,1995 see more

Tm-eight, installation,1995 see more

Mouth Full of Earth, 1994 see more

The Octave, 1991see more

Three projectons,1995see more

Repression, 1994.see more

Passion/incest, installation -ambiance, Kapelica, Ljubljana, 1999 see more

Passion/incest, installation -ambiance, Kapelica, Ljubljana, 1999 see more

The Missing Bed from the series Passion/Ad /Acta, photo, 1998 see more

Measure of soil, installation, 1989 Axes and salt, installation, 1993 see more

In Art Matters What People Experience, installation1982/83 see more

Do you like it...?, action in the SC lobby, Zagreb, 1980 see more

Context of work, action in the SC loby, Zagreb, 1980.see more

For the democratization of art, 1979 - 1981.see more

The Star on my palm/photo, 1980 see more

Frame of work, part of the action, 1978. see more

Three relations between body and ambiance, performance, 1978 see more

Remembrance of three squares, Zagreb, 1999. see more

Three squares on the ground, details of the installation, Galičnik, Macedonia, 1996 see more

Three squares, part of the installation (1x1 m and 20x20 m square) see more

Photopaper from the series Fire, 1977. see more

Fire prints from the series Fire, 1977 see more

Soil Square 1x1 m, photo documentation, 1977.see more

Daily meal of the artist, part of the photo documentation, 1977. see more

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Potpisivanjesee more

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Matchessee more

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Noc muzeja - Galerija Vinko Percic 4. deosee more

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PARADISO 1980.see more

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Marijan Molnar | Paralelna povijest 1see more

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You need help 1see more

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Paralelna povijest 3see more

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You need help 2see more

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