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Mustafa Gunen


Last updated: October 22, 2014


Art is the freedom of interpretation and objection to Existence, life styles, traditional concepts and perceptions by looking through a perspective developed by one's own thinking-creation ability. This freedom can be achieved only when the spectators think there must be a hidden meaning behind the piece of art even though they fail to grasp the message. When adapted to painting, an artist has to well analyze the seen and the known with its light and color and to transfer it on the canvas. After becoming a master, one can re-state or re-express the known and the seen or the unknown and the unseen by attaching their own interpretation and style. Then people began to feel a kind of respect for your art even if they do not understand it and will never dare to think of the idea, "I can do it," in their minds. Putting some exceptions aside, I daresay that should be the way leading up to becoming a real artist. Otherwise, the door to abuse and speculation is left open and a lot can get in. In my opinion, art schools must breed masters, even virtuosos in classical painting and for post-graduate studies modern art must be practiced. This is what I believe right because all those great artists accepted and honored by academies had undergone this ordeal and reached maturity.

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