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Bologna, BO, Italia

Last updated: June 3, 2014


'what's painting for me? Painting is a question of making a choice. Thus it's visceral, as much as living is. Painting is an action, not a representation, is one of the ways of 'being with the Being'. Painting is the will, the necessity of continuing a journey that doesn't have to make a standard common sense. Nonetheless, painting makes a different, original sense (it goes back to the original, the visceral), which is the one I can't stop following and trying to share with my similars. The paintings you're seeing show me naked, with all my wounds, sounds, smiles, memories and smell; and I reckon that if you take a closer look, you will be able to see yours as well: and I will be you, you will be me, together in one being. Ask me what I paint, and I will kiss you with tears.''


Combining painting with philosophy, Italian-born Francesco Polazzi is now based in Bologna, having completed an MFA at Birmingham City University in 2013, and a BA in Literature and Philosophy in Bologna in 2011. An award-winning artist, he has participated in numerous group exhibitions all over Europe, as well as having held a number of solo shows in the UK. Polazzi creates highly expressive, filled with emotion work that portray artist's personal journey into the realm of his own mind. The results of his explorations are brightly coloured works, which hint at ideas, music, thoughts, experiences and dreams of being.


Solo Exhibitions and Performances

2014, Gipsy Wisdom, Stryx, Birmingham, U.K
2014, Francesco Polazzi Solo Exhibition, Yorks Café, Birmingham,U.K.
2013, Simmer Down Festival (Performance), Handsworth Park, Birmingham, U.K.
2013, Francesco Polazzi Solo Exhibition, Ort Cafe', Birmingham, U.K.
2012, The Source Below, Soho, London, U.K.
2012, Brick Lane (Performance), Brick Lane, London, U.K.


Selected Group Exhibitions and Performances

2014, Riscarti Fest 2014, C.A.E., Roma, Italy
2014, Stryx studio users Show, Stryx, Birmingham, U.K.
2014, CityScapes Art Exhibition, Light Space & Time Gallery, Jupiter FL., U.S.A.
2014, Feeling Blue, Arterie Fine Arts, Chicago IL., U.S.A
2013, Freeze, Espacio Gallery, London, U.K.
2013, Recicla Madrid, Centro de Artes la Neomudejar de Atocha, Madrid, Spain
2013, Who Punched The Unicorn?, Margaret St School of Art, Birmingham, U.K.
2013, See with all your Eyes, Midlands Art Centre, Birmingham, U.K.
2013, Encounters (Performance), Stan's Cafe', Birmingham, U.K.
2013, Grand Slam Car Park Project, The Drum, Birmingham, U.K.
2012, Opening Exhibition, Ort Gallery, Birmingham, U.K.
2012, Call for artists, Barr Street Gallery, Birmingham, U.K.


Awards and Residencies

2014, Cityscapes, Special Recognition, Light Space and Time Gallery, FL, U.S.A.
2013, Peers Prize (3rd placement), Birmingham City University
2013, Poganovo Colony, Dimitrovgrad (Serbia)


The Midlands Art Centre
The Source Below
The Ort Gallery
La Neomudejar

Works held in private collections in England, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Australia, Finland, U.S, Spain, Singapore, Greece, Australia

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