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Orit Alloush


Last updated: April 1, 2015


Artist's Statement When I take photographs I feel a sort of happiness which is indescribable in words. Photography comes to me from an inner place. I strive to convey sensations, to excite, to pull one out of a state of apathy, and to arouse thoughts and contemplations of my photographs. I wish to convey to the observer the feeling closest to the one I was experiencing when I took the photograph. I’m inclined to photograph random situations in the street, and it is important for me to create eye contact with the random subjects, who do not know me nor do I know them and, nonetheless, to create that very special connection, that momentary bond that links us through the photograph. When I connect to a photograph of mine, I try to pass that feeling onwards. I’m pleased when people who look at my photographs are able to connect to them both emotionally and visually.

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