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sandra ramos

Havana, Cuba - Miami, USA

Last updated: December 11, 2015


On my resent Installations and videos I articulate a visual dialogue that expresses the arbitrariness of thoughts, images, perceptions, contrasts and uncertainties that we find in our daily life in the contemporary world. I use multiplicity Medias, according to the variety of significance of each work. I make prints and paintings using an alter-ego character that as a Pioneer girl symbolising my generation. She has the function of satirically commenting the resent history of my country through popular stories pointed out by texts. To express these ideas in a visual work, I use personal and social memory documented through video and photographs, taking advantage in some case of the kaleidoscopic deformation of the images and their instantaneous speed of perception (The Uncertain Road 2005- Entropidoscopios. 2009). In other works by exalting the contradictions on social and develop levels in the actual world by means of opposition among materials, images and concepts like that of wealth and poverty, development, underdevelopment, abundance, scarcity (The dream of the reason 2009) and in other case by playing with perceptions as time-space, near and far, here and there, past and present (Parallel Roads..2009) My work, also settles a dialogue between private and public, personal and collective. The viewer that invades the intimate space of my mind also participates of many of these experiences and memoirs that match to share environment.

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