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sanjay punekar


Last updated: April 11, 2014


His basic instincts then got motivated due to the vividness and various forms of Nature such as landscapes, people, animals, birds, environmental and seasonal highlights etc. This in turn inspired him to express the silence of ‘Nature’ i.e. the expressive solitude in his typical but unique style depicting the clarity of his thoughts well as search for exploring the unobvious as well as the distinct ones. His thoughtful innovations to decorate his creative instincts by well unit composition apt colour tones and mindful expressive perceptions to give vent to his hidden and inborn feelings towards ‘Nature’ and her supreme creations really speak of his expertise in technique and uniqueness of style. Also his color tones in acrylic colors when properly balanced in expressionism and the apt combination of the tonal view and use of experimental techniques in his inimitable style reflect superbly in his creative endeavors highlighting the associations and closeness of green tress, fresh air, sun, moon and so on as well as the affinity between the various characters and the main thematic one. This clearly renders the superb artistic glory and standard to the work as well as the requisite transparency and clarity. As a result the work renders ample visual pleasure to all alike owing to the ‘Grandeur of Nature’ depicted by the artist in his own style.

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